A personal interpretation of the hebrews prophet isaiah and amos

The phrase seems to limit his prophesying to this particular year, suggesting that his prophetic activity was very short. And this is the God by whose name his hearers call themselves, whose claims they cannot deny, whose dealings with them from old time are well known and acknowledged Amos 2: Isaiah uses many words that are called hapax legomena.

This was a new height of Jewish control in the Middle East. The same word is also used to signify the setting up of a tent by striking in the tent- pegs; and Jerome states that there was no village beyond Tekoa in his time.

Language Comparison Informed by this evidence, when we compare Isaiah 1 with both Hosea 2 and Amos 5, we see a clear synthesis of the two along with earlier Psalms and Proverbs.

In other words, he was intimately aware of the inequities and evils of human society—which may have been no worse in Israel in the 8th century before Christ than many critics believed they were almost everywhere in the 20th century after Christ. We do not know what vowels were used, or even whether the Vav in the Name was a vowel or a consonant.

Amos (prophet)

His people seemed to him bent on self-destruction; that was the sickening course of their destiny as he saw it unfolding. Smith, The Prophets of Israel; G.

He was so well known that even the Egyptians, who were reluctant to honor any Semite, honored and respected him unlike today where both Jews and Arabs are considered Semitic, Egyptians in those days were descendents of Ham or Hamitic.

Isaiah held the daring view that the best defense is no defense—none other than the reconciling response to the moral demand. We infer that he had breathed an atmosphere of religion, as there is nothing to indicate that, in his acquaintance with the religious facts of his nation, he differed from those among whom he dwelt, although the call to go forth and enforce them came to him in a special way.

In the same way, the Name of God reflects Him and His attributes.

Isaiah 10:1-6 The Hebrews Prophets: Isaiah & Amos

Man also has never failed to devise new forms of approach to God to accord with his changed conceptions of Deity. It is not mere chance that HoseaIsaiahJeremiahEzekieland almost all of the prophets who are more than unknown personages to whom a few prophetical speeches are ascribed, give first of all the story of their special calling.

Just balances, just weight, a just ephah, and a just hin shall ye have" Leviticus The "prophetic religion" does not begin with Amos. But when he tried to perform a religious act in the Temple, which was left only to the Jewish priests, he was stricken with leprosy by YHVH and had to live out his days in a separate house by himself.

And an untrained examination of the Hebrew reveals that the same root Hebrew words are being used where the English translates them the same: A second event was the contentious encounter with King Ahaz in Chapter 7 of Isaiah.

Isaiah brought sparse comfort to his kings—even when the siege was lifted, as noted in the passage cited from chapter Isaiah is particularly well acquainted with the prophetic tradition known to his slightly older contemporary, Amos. It further states that before he died, Amos made his way back to his homeland and was buried there.

The schism occurred some years before the time of Amos and it is not probable that the worship and ritual of the Northern Kingdom tended in that interval to greater purity or greater conformity to what had been the authoritative practice of the undivided kingdom at the temple of Jerusalem.

Even if we admit that there were men calling themselves prophets who prophesied for hire Micah 3: Why is this reluctance prevalent, even among the good kings of Judah? Magnificently hopeful passages constantly mingle with the prevailing atmosphere of doom.

Among verbal coincidences have been noticed the combinations "oppress" "crush" Amos 4:Isaiah The Hebrews Prophets: Isaiah & Amos Joseph Napoleon World History Journal Entry Personal View "Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people.

The name Isaiah (Hebrew: the two basic components are God’s personal name and salvation, in that Isaiah’s name is related to both Joshua and Jesus.

As far as his family, three times in the book we are told he was the son of Amos, or Ben Amos The term vision is the Hebrew word meaning to see as a prophet. Isaiah, Hebrew Yeshaʿyahu (“God Is Salvation”), (flourished 8th century bce, Jerusalem), prophet after whom the biblical Book of Isaiah is named (only some of the first 39 chapters are attributed to him), a significant contributor to Jewish and Christian traditions.

defeat in a war situation (1 Kings ). Amos speaks out on issues of social and economic injustice as this usage people have in mind when they speak of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Introduction to Isaiah Son of Amoz

as a prophet. This is the more appropriate meaning in discussing the Hebrew prophets. including communal and personal laments. The remainder of the books. The Prophet Amos lived during the long reign of King Jeroboam II.

Jeroboam the son of Joash (not to be confused with Jeroboam the son of Nevat, the first king of the Northern Kingdom of the Ten Tribes) reigned over the Ten Tribes of Israel for forty years The Prophet Isaiah.

Isaiah was a prophet in ancient Judah between and B.C.E. who prophesied about the expansion of the Assyrian Empire and its threat to Judah. Isaiah’s Call (Isa 6) In Isaiah 6, Yahweh commissions or calls the prophet Isaiah to make Judah deaf and blind to.

A personal interpretation of the hebrews prophet isaiah and amos
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