Cisco ccie lab security demo v8

The major reason for a valid trusted CA-signed certificate is to stop Jabber from throwing a certificate warning on the initial MRA login to Expressway-E itself.

This is fixed in Expressway 8. Take the CA root cert that you generated and import it into the trusted list on both boxes, and then import your signed server cert on the appropriate box.

Sign out and close Jabber Launch Jabber 9. The UC traversal zones came right up. You need this in order to have it two legged, or do NAT.

Granted they are only shown once during the very first login if the user accepts them on each client. Launch Jabber on your device.

Jabber decides if it is inside the network or outside the network depending on what SRV records it can resolve. Deploying with WebEx Messenger is not covered here, but the bulk of the configuration is the same as far as the Expressway piece.

Create two SRV records: Expressway-E needs the server itself and domain only as a SAN. You can either get public ones, or sign your own with your own CA. This worked perfectly for me after loading and rebooting the servers. The easiest method is to use dig or nslookup.

The best document out there is this WebEx enabled Telepresence VCS Config document that describes how to chain up the intermediate cert properly here — http: Be very patient for it to either succeed or fail. Start at the bottom of p. If Jabber does not auto-discover, troubleshoot your SRV records.

I posted a later post that discusses what to order. You will likely want to do this independent of Collaboration Edge as all of the Jabber clients are no longer trusting self-signed certificates. Either on a stick in your DMZ perhaps Import into the Trusted CA certificate list: If using the hostname, exit nslookup and try to ping the hostname.

Cisco Jabber for Windows 9. Expressway-Core is the same story. It can take a significant amount of time to login successfully on the 9. The record is used by Expressway-C to lookup and validate the certificate against. This section is no longer required as current versions of the clients Win 9.

Unity Connection requires it for Visual Voicemail to work. The quick nslookup method is to: VCS is supported for limited sized deployments. The logs will include more than just the current login attempt, so note the time when you are attempting to login and look at the timestamps in the log.

Create one SRV record: Deprecated instructions for VCS 7. Licenses are charged for the other VCS features mentioned above. When I had neglected to enable RemoteAccess in jabber-config.

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You need to look at the Developer Logs. Instructions for this are found on p. Once for Expressway-E and once for Expressway-C. For Expressway-E follow this basic flow: Traversal Zone Configuration Resume the configuration tasks in the Admin guide on p. A few notes about nomenclature: Repeat this procedure for Expressway-C.

No longer required unless you are doing separate internal and external domains.Intel's innovation in cloud computing, data center, Internet of Things, and PC solutions is powering the smart and connected digital world we live in.

Jan 29,  · Update. Collab Edge is now supported. The official Mobile-Remote-Access-via-Expressway-Deployment-Guide is located here. I’m updating this document to reflect changes made in Expressway-C/E that.

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Cisco ccie lab security demo v8
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