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This undesirable and dangerous relationship between bureaucracy and political leaders opened the door of criminalisation of politics.

India as a part of the world system cannot stay outside It. To buy votes, to force people to vote for a certain person or party, to ensure the victory of a certain candidate, to terrorise opposition to submission the unscrupulous politician engages gangsters and gonads gradually, these criminals themselves enter out legislatures legitimately democratically and make the law of the land.

The Supreme Court judgment of May 2, mandated that candidates disclose their criminal antecedents, if any, as also their financial and educational background. We shall have to find a solution to eradicate the menace for which we are ourselves also responsible to a great extent.

Toothless laws against convicted criminals standing for elections further encourage this process. The evident link between criminality and the probability of winning is further reinforced when we look at the winnability of a candidate.

Some of them were even brought from the jail by police van for the swearing-in ceremony at the assembly building.

Article on Criminalisation of Politics in India

The shrewd and self-interest-seeking politicians —in collaboration with corrupt civil servants — adopt various types of unfair means to satisfy their greediness and ill-motives. Common people hardly come to know the rules made by the commission.

In return for their work, politicians would protect these criminals from prosecution. Indira Gandhi banning corporate financing of elections in which eliminated the most important legal source of campaign finance and pushed financing underground.

Directive word Discuss — In your discussion you need to highlight the measures taken to check criminalization of politics and analyze how far those methods have helped in resolving the issue.

Discuss the steps that need to be taken further still such as the one discussed in the article, social awareness, ECI recommendations like — debarring candidates facing serious criminal charges etc Conclusion — Emphasize that this issue needs to be tackled to maintain the health of our democracy and discuss how to do it.

Ten states are having some form of election watch campaign, indicating a broad-based nationwide civil society initiative to give teeth to the EC rules. But those under trial continued to be leigible to contest elections. With politics and crime intertwined, bureaucracy and the Police have also become part of nexus.

Many of them are swayed with the idea that if their grip over substantial sections of the electorate by erosion and intimidation or otherwise, and their capacity for booth-capturing and rigging or use of other unfair means, at pistol and dagger points can ensure the election of others, why should they not use that grip or capacity for ensuring their own election as member of the legislatures?

Too much should not be expected, however, from these disclosures.

Politics and Violence in Kenya Essay Sample

Natural rights do not have any value legally until they are legally considered. Most of the politicians of modern India interfere with administration in one form or another. He is currently serving a life sentence for kidnapping with intent to murder and as many as 34 cases of serious crime are pending against him.

According to newspaper reports about elected members in a State legislature during the last five years had criminal history-sheets. The politicians are thriving today on the basis of muscle power provided by criminals.

The benefits of independence have reached only few, thus creating islands of few ultra rich people surrounded by vast sea of utterly poor. From the s, however, individual bureaucrats came increasingly to ally with individual politicians or political parties.

Criminalisation of politics means moulding politics in a criminal shape. Good governance is not the prime concern of the governing people; they are guided by their own interests and whims.

Because the democracy of India are now in hands of the criminal who are not capable any way to hold the post if legislature. The ghost of Machiavelli has returned.

Right to Know is an inherent attribute of every person. Two points may be made here. With the assumption of so much power, the scope for misusing that power also increases.

Hence we find that political power has been or is being used by some persons for the attainment of undue privileges and when this is rampant in the arena of politics we generally call it criminalisation of politics.

The net result is politics is, ultimately, criminalised. These tainted law-makers are engaged in making law to make society free from corruption and all sorts of criminal activities. Both came to an understanding to help each other and this led to the criminalisation of politics.

How can he bridge the gap between the income and expenses? To gain their support is easier for the unscrupulous than the conscientious. It was found that confirmed criminals and history sheeters, even those who were behind the bars at the time were given tickets by different political parties and what is more surprising is the fact that they won the elections.The Criminalization of Politics in India India, the largest democratic country and also home to the fair and regular elections.

Elections aim at providing the power to select the one by whom we want to be governed. Looking the present statistics, are we really choosing the adroit body to govern us or the candidates are besmirch to the constitution, the.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Criminalization of Politics: Nature, Causes and Recent Developments! Definition and Nature: At present we very often come across the words criminalisation of politics. The meaning of the term is quite known to educated people and newspaper readers. For academic purposes a definition is to be given here.

Criminalization of Politics in India [Mains Article]

When. Criminalization of Politics in India. For IASToppers Mains Articles Archive, Click Here What is the meaning of Criminalization of Politics? Criminalization of Politics means that the criminals entering the politics and contesting elections and even getting elected to the Parliament and state legislature.

Politics and Violence in Kenya Essay Sample. The Post election violence in Kenya has by far been the most adverse form of ethno-political violence witnessed since the political freedom was wrestled from the hands of our colonial the restoration of multiparty politics, with the repealing of section 2A inethnic based.

Politics is an essential part of every one’s life directly or indirectly. Poliitics must effect the life of everyone. In dictatorship there must be a dictator who rule over the country by his own wish and will.

But in democracy the role of politics is very important. India is now the biggest democracy of the [ ]. Essay on “Criminalization of Politics ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Criminalization of Politics The leaders who achieved independence for India spent long years in jail; many .

Criminalization of politics essay
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