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My teachers have always told me that I am a good writer, so I did not foresee myself having any English portfolio reflection essay in this class. But this class has been a big helper to me. It was also a topic that I had a hard time asserting any interest into the subject and topic.

From my first paper to my last, I definitely think I have improved on this, though it still remains my biggest flaw. I have written an argumentative paper in the past, although they were not quite like the ones I wrote in this class. The end result was good, but it just was not my best work.

This portfolio was made so that I can show off what I have learned from this class, and show off just how much I have improved as a writer. I feel that this class has really helped me develop and improve as a writer.

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To make matters worse, we were instructed to write the essay in MLA format, which was a style I was not familiar with. Allowing myself to hold nothing back, being as descriptive as possible, and show how characters or subjects can grow on a reader is where I excel in writing.

I have done everything from rebuilding engines to dropping transmissions and for me this has definitely been my toughest class. Composure in front of a crowd is probably the skill that I would like to improve the most, next to time management.

This essay also let me develop and sharpen my descriptive skills in writing. The big topic for our papers this term was argument. They each were excellent guidelines for the structures of each essay.

I think these qualities were, for the most part, unknown to me prior to taking this course. I found myself being repetitive, which is my biggest pet peeve in a paper.

I knew before the term started that my work is better when I spend more time on it, but this class has helped prove it to me. We have studied all these different issues and now feel I have improved much on these things but still could use more.

But with practice and good teaching anyone can develop themselves into a great writer. This assignment was particularly hard for me for several reasons.

I want to be well educated and as well rounded as possible for every field of life. I believe that in general, my portfolio contains my best work because I got the chance to take some more feedback and revise my work.

I was never pushed to describe the five senses before, as we were told to do with this essay.

I need to practice listening to people I disagree with so that I can maintain my composure in the face of ideas I strongly disagree with.BA - English Portfolio Reflective Essay Uploaded by Jaime Puente Part of the requirements for graduating with a BA in English at UH-D is to write a reflective essay about how each essay in the portfolio corresponds with each other as a.

Reflective Essay. I never expected that I would take another English class in my life, let alone go back to college. When I thought of English as a subject, I associated it with reading books or poems about subjects I never cared about or had a desire to write about.

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English Portfolio. Reflective Essay. Jessica Fusco. ENG Reflective Essay. Professor Harmon. May 1, So Long to Yesterday. As the term comes to an end, I look back on what I have accomplished in this class.

Sample Reflective Essays. failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and will result in a failing grade on the portfolio and possible other serious consequences as stated in the CSUCI Code of Conduct. View the examples. View Sample Reflective Essay #1.

E-Portfolio Reflection: Sean Porter - System Earth - Spring Over the past year I have been challenged and intrigued over and over by the content of this course. Both in the discussions of the material presented by the instructor, and by the research and presentations performed by the students.

I would definitely like to improve my.

English portfolio reflection essay
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