Good readers and good writers

It will make you a better writer. When he perished at last, the story told Good readers and good writers him acquired a good lesson in the dark around the camp fire. Your extensive Journal notes should house the answers to these questions: Where does the introduction end? Where does Nabokov use humor?

Make reading more like enjoying a fine meal, not like scarfing down a sandwich on your way out Good readers and good writers door. But if you want your reading to help you in your writing, learn to find pleasure in words.

Read it first to get an overall impression of its argument; then, read it with the following questions in mind. For instance, you sitting there may be merely my dream, and I may be your nightmare. The reader should have a dictionary. Is it explicit or implicit?

It is impersonal imagination and artistic delight. First, the sullen mood melts away, and for better or worse the reader enters into the spirit of the game. The various combinations these minor authors are able to produce within these set limits may be quite amusing in a mild ephemeral way because minor readers like to recognize their own ideas in a pleasing disguise.

A slightly different though not necessarily higher mind looks for the teacher in the writer. The reader should belong to a book club.

We may go to the teacher not only for moral education but also for direct knowledge, for simple facts. Every great writer is a great deceiver, but so is that arch-cheat Nature. We may go to the teacher not only for moral education but also for direct knowledge, for simple facts.

But here is what is important. Up a trackless slope climbs the master artist, and at the top, on a windy ridge, whom do you think he meets? Now, this being so, we should ponder the question how does the mind work when the sullen reader is confronted by the sunny book.

When we look at a painting we do not have to move our eyes in a special way even if, as in a book, the picture contains elements of depth and development.

Or, again, a reader treasures a book mainly because it evokes a country, a landscape, a mode of living which he nostalgically recalls as part of his own past. And I shall tell you why. It is now recombined in its very atoms, not merely in its visible and superficial parts.

Where and how does it change? First, there is the comparatively lowly kind which turns for support to the simple emotions and is of a definitely personal nature.

In reading a book, we must have time to acquaint ourselves with it. The reader should have some artistic sense. If an unfamiliar word crosses the eye, write it down. Is it an emotional one or a logical one? That the poor little fellow because he lied too often was finally eaten up by a real beast is quite incidental.

Going back for a moment to our wolf-crying woodland little woolly fellow, we may put it this way: The Nabokov piece is a seminal one in our study of reading and writing.

When this new world has been closely studied, then and only then let us examine its links with other worlds, other branches of knowledge.

Why Good Writers are Good Readers

Of course, as you have guessed, the good reader is one who has imagination, memory, a dictionary, and some artistic sense — which sense I propose to develop in myself and in others whenever I have the chance. Every great writer is a great deceiver, but so is that arch-cheat Nature.

From the simple deception of propagation to the prodigiously sophisticated illusion of protective colors in butterflies or birds, there is in Nature a marvelous system of spells and wiles. But here is what is important.

Those berries there are edible. The enthusiastic artist alone is apt to be too subjective in his attitude towards a book, and so a scientific coolness of judgment will temper the intuitive heat. Thus, the ability to learn new things from reading is limited.Being a good writer, I think, requires being a good and generally avid reader.

But it doesn’t, as you point out, always work in reverse. I work with both developmental and non-developmental writers at our local community college, and often students score much better on. Hi Phyllis, I agree that good readers don’t always make good writers, but I can’t point to any research that has been done to make this point.

“Good” being subjective anyhow. Let me know if. Sep 09,  · In his article, Vladimir Nabokov explicitly states what qualities make up good readers and good writers. According to him, good writers are the ones who write to create new worlds instead of using the existed, ordered world.

Vladimir Nabokov, Good Readers and Good Writers Journal questions to consider while reading: The Nabokov piece is a seminal one in our study of reading and writing. You will come back to it again and again over the course of the year. A good reader, a major reader, an active and creative reader is a rereader.

And I shall tell you why. When we read a book for the first time the very process of laboriously moving our eyes from left to right, line after line, page after page, this complicated physical work upon the book, the very process of learning in terms of space and time.

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Good readers and good writers
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