Hamlet and queer theory

Much Ado About Nothing. We then read the scene aloud and brainstormed about what would happen if Hero had, in fact, lost her virginity before marriage. Much of the work in gender studies and queer theory, while influenced by feminist criticism, emerges from post-structural interest in fragmented, de-centered knowledge building Nietzsche, Derrida, Foucaultlanguage the breakdown of sign-signifierand psychoanalysis Lacan.

Feminist/queer theory and Shakespeare

The impact of the production was perhaps greatest on the students who performed in it. We then considered how this notion is both reflected and produced in popular culture, looking at images from television, in the movies, and in advertisements.

You know, girls are calm and thoughtful, while boys are spontaneous and passionate, that sort of thing. Feminist Critical Theory and Theatre. Jill Dolan provides a detailed explanation and analysis of this performance in her essay "Peeling Away the Tropes of Visibility: In Elizabethan society, mourning was a social act which men did not participate in.

Additionally, during the course of our three weeks together, two of my students "came out" together as lesbians. Sorry, we had to.

She deviates from what is expected by staying a passionate woman, which makes her take on a more masculine role. In explanation of this fact, Judith Butler states: So receiving the penis during sex, yes, teehee bestows upon them some of that magical penis power.

When queer theorists analyze literature, they love to play the net—that gray area between author and reader, male and female, light and dark, good and evil. But gender roles do not have an essential nature that precedes discourse. In one, we read the text according to the sexual identity that is represented by the clothes; in the other, we consider the play as performed by the sexual identity that can be descried underneath.

The subtitle to the play suggests: If we conflate the complementary myths of Oedipus and Shrew, we have the tragedy of the man who discovers his sexuality and the woman who learns to disavow her own in the very apprehension of a repressive patriarchal law. Sinfield explains that "Shakespeare has been made to speak mainly for the right," becoming "an instrument within the whole apparatus of filtering whereby schools adjust young people to an unjust social order" "Give an account" Her aging sexuality is seen as unnatural by society, and especially by Hamlet.

I would additionally like to thank the students in my Brown University summer Shakespeare classes of andwhose intelligence, energy, and devotion to the radical potential of theatre inform this essay and inspired its writing.

The play was performed in a highly flexible arena setting in the round that allowed actors to walk freely among and intermingle with audience members.

By the second week, my class had already read, discussed, and performed scenes from Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing. McLuskie supports this conclusion, stating: All theories have queerness huddled inside their rhetoricjust waiting to be discovered.

This theory is a rebel with a cause. Queer theorists believe that the human body may not be essentially male or female. Having considered the manner in which specific Shakespeare plays construct sexual identity, my students were receptive to the notion that in academia and in performance, Shakespeare has overwhelmingly served to maintain sexist understandings of masculinity and femininity.

Gertrude is connected to Queen Elizabeth in that she acts outside the expected roles for a woman at this time, creating controversy in disregarding cultural norms. This environment may have contributed to the decision of two of my female students to become open about their homosexuality.

They are learned through the acquisition of language and literally embodied through the performance of roles prescribed by a particular culture.

Benedict restrains Leonato from actually killing his daughter, but Leonato makes it absolutely clear that he wishes Hero either chaste or dead.

An open mouth and immodest speech are tantamount to open genitals and immodest acts" O, what authority and show of truth Can cunning sin cover itself withal! The scene was hilarious.

No longer was gender theory a subject of intellectual curiosity, but a concrete reality that my students could corporealize on stage and question in their lives.Application in Shakespeare’s Hamlet A queer theory reading of Hamlet would focus on Hamlet’s seemingly conflicted sexuality throughout the play.

hence the extraordinary bond which appears to exist between male characters in the play and.5/5(1).

Queer Theory in Hamlet Does Gertrude fit in the lesbian category for marrying the brother of her ex- husband (Probably Not) Can Gertrude's sexual choices be accurately categorized as straight (probably not).

What Are Some Metaphors in

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Queer Theory

Offline. Joined: Today was our second day working with A Midsummer Night's Dream; tomorrow we would transition to Hamlet.

Reschke, Mark. “Historicizing Homophobia: Hamlet and the Anti-theatrical Tracts.” Hamlet Studies 19 (): FEMINISM / HAMLET / METADRAMA / NEW HISTORICISM / QUEER THEORY. After acknowledging the complications of studying sexuality before the late eighteen hundreds and the feminist efforts to historicize misogyny, this article examines Hamlet.

Interesting thought, and I can see the connection of Queer lit theory coming from Shakespeare. After all, Shakespeare is the ultimate adaptable material which each culture can and will make fit its own zietgiest.

Ina scholar named Edward P. Vining published a book, The Mystery of Hamlet, that took such evidence as the prince’s rejection of Ophelia and excessive attachment to Horatio, as well as a painstaking examination of the text, to present the theory that “Prince” Hamlet was actually a princess—a girl being raised as a boy for.

Hamlet and queer theory
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