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Inauspicious origins The origins of the Ideal Palace date from Aprilwhen rural postman Ferdinand Cheval stumbled — quite literally — over an unusual stone during his daily rounds. When his wife tired of mending his trousers, Cheval looked into new modes of transport.

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From that day forward his year quest to build the Ideal Palace began. The tomb where we was actual buried can be seen in the local cemetery, a minute walk from the palace.

He began his autobiography in He often worked at night, by the light of an oil lamp. Ferdinand Cheval observed the nature around him and paid a close attention to the mail he delivered. He worked alone, after his work shift at night with just an oil lamp.

In it, he described the events leading up to the creation of his masterpiece. Cheval wanted to be buried in his palace.

Ideal Palace

Two days after its completion, inFerdinand Cheval died in Hauterives at the age of It was a stone of such a strange shape that I put it in my pocket to admire it at my ease. Ferdinand Cheval knew nothing about stonework and architecture rules when he started digging a hole in his vegetable garden in Today the site is visited by overpeople annually.

Inspired by its shape, he began collecting more small stones each day. He was buried there in But this kind of mental attention was neither contagious nor dangerous, and as a result they did not find it useful to fetch some doctor of the mind.

The landscape, as a result, is rich in fossils and porous limestone. As hard as it is to believe, being a postman was very helpful. The authenticFrench holiday specialist. The two had a regular routine. I told no one about it for fear of being ridiculed and I felt ridiculous myself.

Ferdinand Cheval became an expert by the time he finished his year daunting task, in In his late seventies, he spent eight more years working on his own impressive mausoleum in the nearby village cemetery.

At first he would carry home the pebbles he found on his mail rounds in his pockets, but as he began collecting more, he started carrying them home in baskets, and eventually a wheelbarrow.

Cheval taught himself about the world outside through the pages and pictures in Le Magazin Pittoresque.

Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace

He sought a partner capable of back-breaking work who would bear the burden without complaint. I was walking very fast when my foot caught on something that sent me stumbling a few meters away, I wanted to know the cause.

The next day, I went back to the same place. This event he took as a divine sign. It becomes as hard as pebbles. Eventually, he used a wheelbarrow.

In at the age of 88 Ferdinand would take permanent rest there. He was an introverted former baker turned local postman with a strong desire to fulfill a decade-old dream: Delivering Mail, Collecting Stones From this day forward, Cheval embarked on a year period of collecting stones.WedMeGood - Your Personal Wedding Planner.

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Postman Ferdinand Cheval spent 33 years building Le Palais idéal from pebbles

Cheval's Ideal Palace. From humble origins, great works of art often flourish. With Ferdinand Cheval’s Ideal Palace in Hauterives, there can be few stories to rival the tale of this project’s development into a masterpiece of Surrealist art.

Cheval's Ideal Palace

Discover Le Palais Idéal in Hauterives, France: This whimsical castle of grottoes was the labor of love of a French postman, and one of the greatest achievements of. Watch video · Ferdinand Cheval left school at age 13 to become a baker's apprentice, but ended up delivering mail in the Hauterives area.

The idea for the elaborate cathedral came when he tripped over an unusually shaped rock in his 30s. No, the “Ideal Palace of Postman Ferdinand Cheval”. (c) Emmanuel Georges Wandering around the aptly named Palais Idéal (Fairytale Palace), you see a Hindu temple guarded by giant statues of Vercingetorix, Jules Cesar and Archimedes on the east side, a medieval castle juxtaposing a mosque and a swiss chalet on the west side and.


Cheval completed his Ideal Palace in his 70s. He then opened it up to the public for all to enjoy. His wish was to buried in it but was refused permission and eventually set forth on his final project, building an equally complex and magnificent tomb.

Ideal palace
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