Kraft food the coffee pod launch

Kraft Foods: The Coffee Pod Launch (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Kraft would have to take at least 35 percent of the coffee pod segment with 45 percent of the market share at the end of It was an easy one-touch system the brewed a cup of coffee in 30 seconds, and it had an auto shut-off after an hour.

Although the cost per cup with SSP machines was higher than a traditional drip coffee machines. Primarily population-rich provinces of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta, the focus group research for SSP machine owners like the fact that they can us different coffee brands with their brewers.

With three quarters married, and 88 percent live in urban areas. Home Cafe used a pressured-brewing technology that delivers a single serving fresh coffee, which brewed less, then a minute bring out the flavor of the coffee beans.

By volume, more than two-thirds of the coffee consumed was prepared at home. Kraft had launched a coffee brands Maxwell House and Nabob which is take 32 percent market share in Canada. Senseo machine used balance portions of coffee and water, mild pressure, and a special spray head to produce an optimally balanced filtering process and a rich froth on the top of each cup.

SSP machines are easier to use and clean than drip coffee machines. The home-prepared coffee category was also becoming popularized between premium and mainstream brand. The average intake of the coffee pod of SSP machine owners are between seven to fourteen pods per week.

Based on Europe experience consumers usually buy pods of the same brand as the machine they bought.

SSP can make coffee in small batches, or cater to several different taste at the same time. The second competitor is Home Cafe system, which partnered with Proctor and Gamble, and two leading makers of small appliances: Coffee, Rival and Sunbeam.

Kraft brand portofolio was among the strongest of the global consumer packaged good players. Melitta was the only SSP system that used 9.

Kraft Food: the Coffee Pod Launch

My Cafe works with large array of pods and teabags; it has removable easy filled reservoir patented spray to maximum flavor extraction, which brew a cup of coffee in 30 second. Even thought the other coffee pods were interchangeable across manufacturers they could not be used on the Melitta and vice versa.

You could chose from four different colors and it was dishwasher safe. The brewing systems have nine settings of coffee strength, with dishwasher-safe parts. The machine came with a free bag of Folgers coffee pods.

Recommended Kraft Foods North America should have wait the result of America advertising to know the potential segment an make promotion more effectivea and spend lower costs. Kraft mission was to achieve leadership in the markets it served, which it pursued by fostering innovation, achieving high product quality, and keeping a close eye on profit margin.

There are three different cup sizes that could be brew, it has a removable flat-form to avoid spilling. Kraft was expecting that the SSP machine would be accepted in the The Senseo machine worked with coffee and water, it had a mild pressure and a special spray that filtered rich froth on top of the each cup.

SSP Owners valued the flexibility of using different coffee brands in their brewers Coffee quality was critical, coffee drinker looking for afresh, hot cup of coffee with peak flavor and aroma.

He need to decide wether kraft should proceed with a simultaneous launch in Canada, or wait the U. Melitta one to one system was capable of brewing coffee in two sizes using a specially filtered system design to deliver coffee bar quality at home but the system use 9.Do you really want to delete this prezi?

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. Kraft Foods: The Coffee Pod Launch (A) Case Solution,Kraft Foods: The Coffee Pod Launch (A) Case Analysis, Kraft Foods: The Coffee Pod Launch (A) Case Study Solution, Bargaining Power of a Supplier The bargaining power of supplier is low due to the presence of many competitors in the market which provides a very little o.

Kraft Foods: The coffee Pod Launch case Analysis INTRODUCTION Founded as a cheese manufacturer in and Kraft Foods Inc. (Kraft Foods) was the largest food and beverage company in North America and the number two player in the world. The product manager for coffee development at Kraft Canada must decide whether to introduce the company's new line of single-serve coffee pods or await results from the United States.

Key strategic decisions include which target market to focus on and what value proposition to signal. KRAFT FOODS: THE COFFEE POD LAUNCH CASE TOPIC Geoff Herzog is the product manager for coffee development at Kraft Foods Canada. After reviewing successful results of single-serve coffee pod systems, he wondered whether it would be successful in other areas.

Geoff Hazorg, product manager coffee development at kraft foods Canada, had just learned that Kraft Food North America was planning an aggressive launch at single serve coffee pods in the United States.

He need to decide wether kraft should proceed with a simultaneous launch in Canada, or .

Kraft food the coffee pod launch
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