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Each skill set keeps half of the allocated skill points.

As Malevolynx, his primary colour Monsters synthesise yellow changes to black instead, to represent his corrupted nature.

In order to do this right, you must get 4 jums. To defeat Leonyx, you should have Monsters synthesise metal-bodied monster in your team, preferably with Monsters synthesise skills. Please help Dragon Quest Wiki by expanding it.

A final, but more difficult, choice is to recruit a Metal Slime, level it up, and use it against him, negating all magic damage and most physical damage. These recipes usually create a more powerful monster that is usually a rank A through X. Description Leonyx appears as a giant, yellow-maned, humanoid lion with Monsters synthesise massive swords.

Special Synthesis and Quad Synthesis Some specific synthesis recipes involve combining two of the same monster together or a generic monster with a specific monster family.

One good strategy is to use powerful beatdown monsters that can attack repeatedly. After the desired skills are received, you can synthesize these together and you will have a rank S mumboh-jumboe.

Then synthesize 3 of the jums to create a mum jum x material familya boh jum x beast familyand a boe jum x nature family. This article is a stub. Contents [ show ] Polarity, Monster Levels and Skills There are three types of monsters that can be synthesized together.

Bosses There are some specific recipes used to create powerful monsters from previous games. However, the synthesis concept are consider more accurate to evolution concept as the "child" monsters would adapt their "parents" skills and stats or became even stronger form, such as combination of four "parents" Great sabrecub would become two stronger Great sabrecub "children", by combining two of the "chldren" Great sabrecub would become Great sabrecat "grandchildren", thus the grandchildren are stronger than their parent and grandparent Monsters.

Monsters that hit multiple times per turn are a good choice, such as Overkilling Machine. If you wish to create this Rank S monster, save constantly and pay close attention. To get all the requested skills for the final monster, you can synthesize these.

Only monsters at level 10 can be synthesized. However, a friend or hacks is needed for this, as both of them needs a Captain Crow, who can only be scouted once per game.

Mumboh-jumboe This synthesis technique involves lots of saving, so an easy and common example of this would be the synthesis of a mumboh-jumboe. Another good choice is to recruit a Night Clubber and use its Giant Killer skill and large attack to your advantage. An example would be the synthesis of a Great Dragon and a Demon-at-arms to create the main antagonist of Dragon QuestDragonlord.

Joker 2 and is needed to be defeated in order to access the Dark World. Strategy Leonyx is a huge step up from Malevolynx prior, and unprepared players will be wiped out near-instantly by his powerful attacks, which often deal over damage. Share Synthesis is the process of merging two monsters of different polarities which first appears in Dragon Quest Monsters: Another form of special synthesis would be quad synthesis.Leonyx is the ruler over the monsters on the island in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 and is needed to be defeated in order to access the Dark World.

His corrupted, weaker form, Malevolynx is the final boss of the main game. Leonyx is one of the most difficult monsters to synthesise in the game, Introduced in: Joker 2.

Feb 05,  · Once you have a pair of appropriately-leveled monsters of opposite polarity that you would like to fuse, simply visit the synthesis booth and choose the 'Synthesise' option.

You will be brought to a menu where you can choose the two monsters you wish to combine, and preview the results before you commit to your 75%(30). 71 Responses to “Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2 Guide: Nature Family Synthesize and List” metal monster a gigantes has higher atk than alabast dragon too bad a gigantes doesnt hav killarney10mile.comng and fighting 50 captain crow rank S+1 and lvl gigantes rank A+ Jan 11,  · Monster List - Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker: MONSTER RANK CLASS ISLAND Slime F Slime Infant Bubble Slime F Slime Palaish Shell Slime F.

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You can help me by leaving a comment that tells me about another way to obtain that monsters. But please don’t leave a comment about how to synthesize a slime (or anything that seems easy to obtain) because you can just catch it and it’s easy to get.

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Monsters synthesise
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