Relationship between inflation and exchange rate essay

PPP is based on the notion that without international trade barriers and transport costs, consumers shift their demand to wherever prices are low; suggesting that prices of the same basket of products in two different countries should be equal when measured in a common currency Madura and Fox, FDI also increases competition in the host country by overcoming entry barriers and reducing the market power of existing firms Dunning ; Blomstrom et al.

Muema reported a strong positive correlation between FDI rate and change in the rates of exchange indicating that higher FDI inflows were associated with the weakening of the Shilling. This is because; the nominal riskless rate of interest is the base upon which all other rates of return are built on.

Supporting the above findings, the results of Loesse et al. Models will be developed to analyze the exact relationship among these variables. Romer and Grossman and Helpman developed growth models within the endogenous growth theory to explain the relationship between FDI and growth with an assumption that technological progress is the principal driving force of economic growth.

Its policies have always been favorable since foreign investors are still guaranteed ownership and the right to remit dividends, capital, and royalties despite the occasional tightening of restrictions to encourage domestic enterprise. Import prices cheaper Why a depreciation causes inflation A depreciation means the currency buys less foreign exchange, therefore, imports are more expensive and exports are cheaper.

However, this interest rate is generally positive Conversely, if the expected return on foreign assets is higher than on local assets, both foreigners and locals will not want to hold any local assets and will want to hold only foreign assets. It consists of the research design, data collection and its analysis.

Low interest rates spur consumer spending and economic growthand generally positive influences on currency value. Therefore, they have to adopt technologies that are produced from advanced countries through the channel of FDI.

Both Loesse et al and Bende et al.

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These movements of exchange rate affect inflation and interest rates which may greatly hamper Developing countries economic growth and also lead to reduced FDI levels. He established that inflation has a significant negative effect on FDI inflow. Real GDP, real GDP per capita, a growth rate of real GDP, proxy for market size and prospective purchasing power and expectations of future growth respectively were used as independent variables and FDI as a dependent variable.

But low interest rates do not commonly attract foreign investment.

How does inflation affect the exchange rate between two nations?

In this theory, all firm-specific advantages are efficiency-based. However over the years Kenya seems to have lost this most-favored appeal. As such, neither output nor economic growth is affected. An increase in inflation can result in higher output Tobin Effect or lower output Stockman Effect or no change in output Sidrauski.

One of the earliest neo-classical models was postulated by Solow and Swan They argue that FDI is the main channel for the process of advanced technologies by developing countries and that Developing countries are generally not able to innovate, generate, and sustain new technologies.

The main feature of this theory is that, in the short-run, the AS curve slopes upwardly instead of being vertical. Foreign Direct Investment FDI is a component of international capital flows and it has been the largest single source of external finance for developing countries since as it is widely believed that economic growth depends critically on both domestic and foreign investments, equally the rate of inflow of foreign investment depends on the rate of economic growth.

This study will, therefore, seek to answer the following question: The model exhibited diminishing returns to labour and capital separately and constant returns to both factors jointly.Understanding the Relationship Between Inflation and Foreign Exchange Rates; Understanding the Relationship Between Inflation and Foreign Exchange Rates ARTICLE.

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Inflation and Exchange Rates

Answer Wiki. What are the relationship between growth rate, inflation rate and gdp? What is the relationship between inflation and tax? What is the difference between foreign exchange rate and spot exchange rate? • Plot actual inflation differentials and exchange rate % changes for two or more countries on a graph.

• Empirical studies indicate that the relationship between inflation differentials and exchange rates is not perfect even in the long run. Inflation and Exchange Rates Tejvan Pettinger July 17, economics Readers Question: Why is it that the value of the exchange rate falls when there is higher inflation?

The rate of inflation in a country can have a major impact on the value of the country's currency and the rates of foreign exchange it has with the currencies of other nations.

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Relationship between inflation and exchange rate essay
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