The reasons why college athletes should be paid

The best football and basketball players in the Big Ten have produced to the degree that a television network has become the model for every conference in America, a network worth at least tens of millions of dollars to the member institutions.

So far, only three. Players are asked to come to institutions where they are not social equals and yet they are expected to feel good about the situation and themselves.

So you tell me, who is really benefiting by not paying these student athletes? The best college athletes in the two revenue-producing sports have always been worth much more than tuition, room, board and books. Players who watch their schools make fists full of dollars will get a small slice of The reasons why college athletes should be paid.

Where exactly would the money come from? There are certainly many arguments that could be made for why college football players should get paid, but these ten reasons should offer plenty of support for paying the courageous young men who make sure Saturdays are more enjoyable.

Despite the fact that they make no money because of their athletic prowess, these student athletes bring in millions of dollars annually, without ever receiving a dime.

Any punishment only hurts the program and the players who are more dedicated to their craft. NCAA College Football is a big business and there is no need to look much further than the holiday bowl season to see what a boon it is for the NCAA and most of its schools.

In question right now is whether the BCS even conducts its business dealings in a manner consistent with principles expressed in federal anti-trust laws. In an attempt to backpedal its way out of providing benefits, the NCAA specifically announced that the athletes were students first.

Instead, we give them probation and a time out from doing their job. The NCAA is the sole body to regulate and govern the behavior of student athletes, with the ability to not renew scholarships of student athletes for any reason since Student-athletes are the ones working hard out on the court and field.

Nobody would feel sorry for players who get greedy and end up breaking the rules. The money to pay athletes must come from somewhere, which might put the least-popular college programs at risk of being cut.

Why would players stay in school when they can get to the big leagues and have some of those material possessions that many students flaunt. If college football players received decent middle class wages, many players would be able to send some money home, which would in turn encourage many parents to convince their sons that they should stay in school.

While these athletes live in fear of their scholarships being revoked, division one coaches are paid handsomely for the money they bring into their universities.

Coaches might have a big effect on a team, but it is up to the athletes to get it done. Yes, pay would vary, just as the universities with the more successful teams receive more television time or money than those with less successful teams.

Instead, they go to the coaches, athletic directors, and some administrators, reports Edelman. Does the employer control or dictate the actions of the employee?

Here are five reasons why student athletes should be paid with more than just their educations. Getting paid to play college ball might actually make it easier to look at school as more of an opportunity worth taking. It is crazy that we ask these players to be celebrities at many of these schools, yet we have no assurance that the players or their families have enough food to eat or clothes to ward off the cold.

It certainly would be better to educate players in college about how unacceptable behavior can lead to a loss in income. How many people have gone abroad and bypassed playing college basketball before entering the NBA draft?

Their revelations, short of Heisman Trophy winners having to return their statues, wind up penalizing only the kids and coaches who remain on the team and in the vast majority of cases have done nothing to merit a penalty themselves.

If they were any other college student, after a couple days of missing Senior level classes you would be kicked out of the class. A timeout of the regular-season college football game between the University of Michigan at the University of Iowa Photo: Throw in ticket sales and television revenue from network and cable deals as well, and college football is a pretty big business that fails to offer any compensation for its front line employees.

If players were paid, there would be more direct consequences to any lapses in judgement and selfish behavior. They provide an education and everything that goes with it; all they ask for in return is your peak performance on the field.

In a more modern era, we must ask four questions to determine if there is in fact an employment relationship. Those who say college student-athletes should not be paid argue that they receive scholarships as a form of payment for their talents. Fast-forward a century, and the NCAA has grown into a colossal entity, bringing in billions of dollars per year and tasked with the regulation of college athletics.

Are we still naive enough to think that most college football players are just in it for the degree? The fact that the NCAA takes so much yet gives so little is what bothers me.

A tournament here, a travel day here, the time out of the classroom adds up quickly. Because of strict NCAA rules, there are hundreds of student athletes that risk eligibility each semester just trying to make ends meet.

College athletes deserve to be paid

If these athletes were paid, it would change their motives as students.Jan 30,  · This week, college football players at Northwestern University petitioned the National Labor Relations Board to form a union.

The NCAA disagrees with the petition, arguing that student-athletes are not "employees" under federal law. There are many reasons why NCAA athletes should be treated like traditional employees.

Here are 21. In closing, there are too many questions that need to be answered and too many issues that would arise from college athletes getting paid. A college athlete has a ton of privileges and opportunities. There is no reason why they should be paid. Watch video · Paying college athletes a salary has become a popular idea.

But most are better off with tax-free scholarships, the way it works now. Here’s Why We Shouldn’t Pay College Athletes.

7 Common Sense Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid (According to Jay Bilas) I asked Mr. Bilas to explain in simple terms why college athletes deserve to be paid.

This is what he told me. The best college athletes in the two revenue-producing sports have always been worth much more than tuition, room, board and books. The best football and basketball players in the Big Ten have produced to the degree that a television network has become the model for every conference in America, a network worth at least tens of millions of.

Inthe ten schools that made the most money in college sports averaged $ million in athletics revenue, $ million more than the average those schools spent on scholarships, $ million.

The reasons why college athletes should be paid
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