Turkey trouble writing activity for grade

In order to avoid his impending fate, he disguises himself as the other animals on the farm.

Turkey Trouble.

I thought it would be fun to create my own disguises for Turkey to prevent him from being dinner. I colored turkey trouble writing activity for grade turkey with crayons and cut out felt pieces for their costumes. Station number three hope you were listening to me.

I used glue to attach the felt to the card stock and then decided what to write in their speech bubbles. Here are the other materials that I gathered for my turkeys. He recognizes the fact that Thanksgiving is fast approaching and he is the main course. Will it work for Turkey? Teaching a room full of kindergarten kiddos with a squeaky voice has certainly been a trick and definitely not a treat!

First, he tries to look like a horse. Both words help me to hide from danger, but they use different methods. Station number two you know what to do. You think the pig is there because that is what turkey will be next? The book lends itself to some great vocabulary discussion about what a disguise is and why someone or something would use it.

To be quite honest I am not sure if I am going to make it. Tell me, what are some of the resources I could use to recall the order of the story? Can anyone tell me how they think this turkey is going to get out of trouble?

We hang these up on our bulletin board for the month of November. You will need to draw what turkey is — that is your picture clue, and you will need to label what turkey is — that is your written clue.

The possibilities are endless, however. May the force be with you as you tackle the rest of this week with all the craze of the full moon and Halloween!

When I was reading this book, I started to think of all of the possible costumes Turkey could have used to hide from the farmer. I had WAY too much fun working on these turkeys and had to stop myself from making more.

He straps a brush on the back of his head and wears a saddle. It is written by Wendi Silvano and illustrated by Lee Harper.

Batman This activity would be great for kids and parents alike. It sounds a bit like this: Have a great rest of your week! I hope that you are surviving the crazy week before Halloween festivities.

As we read I try to subtly point out the fact that we are given clues by the illustrator as to what turkey is going to disguise himself as next.

I wonder what that means. Rachel when you said he got dressed up like a horse, there is a special word for that. The protagonist in this story is a turkey, cleverly named Turkey. Here turkey is using a disguise which means I put something else on to look different.

I listed out all of my ideas for costumes and finally narrowed it down to three: Does anyone think they know the special word which means I get dressed up to look like something else so no one will recognize me?

Feeling defeated, he comes up with one last plan to save himself from being dinner. He is the illustrator of Turkey Trouble and has a coloring page where I found the following drawing: Turkey in Disguise Writing Activity Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

I give all my students the same turkey image and they color and then use construction paper to create a disguise to hide their turkey.

Thanksgiving Activity ~ Turkey Trouble

If you decide to spare Turkey on this special holiday, then Happy Tofurkey Day! Once the students finish their turkey then they use the writing sheet below to write what their disguise is. In our forest unit we talked about animals using camouflage where they used colors to make themselves look like their natural surroundings.

It can also be a great excuse to get them out of the kitchen while you are cooking.Nov 12,  · This Turkey Trouble Unit includes all of the worksheets, activities, and center games listed separately in my Teachers Pay Teachers store Author: Kearson's Classroom.

“This book is called Turkey Trouble. When the story is over I let the students know they will now be working on recalling the order of disguises turkey used in the story. Turkey Trouble This exit ticket process closes out the activity by having the students recall their favorite disguise which can lead to a student discussion at the.

Nov 18,  · Save the Turkey with a Touch of Common Core Writing So today I'm going to share a fun activity that my students absolutely adore! First, we begin by reading Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano.

You could also read A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting. Both involve turkeys that don't want to be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey Trouble book & disguise your turkey activity See more. Turkey Trouble Book Companion Packet. 2ND GRADE TURKEY TROUBLE PERSUASIVE WRITING UNIT - COMMON CORE ALIGNED - killarney10mile.com Find this Pin and.

read turkey trouble and did wanted writing activity Mrs Jump's class: Activities for Thanksgiving Fantastic First Grade Froggies: Turkey in Disguise Thanksgiving library centers will make you and your students thankful for such colorful, engaging activities! A fun Thanksgiving activity for the kids based on the book 'Turkey Trouble'.

Turkey trouble writing activity for grade
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