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If ProQuest does not have a copy of one of our doctoral dissertations, please contact the University of Chicago Dissertation Office.

Doctoral dissertation University of Michigan, Normally these are bound paper copies and can be checked out like regular books. European Theses and Dissertations DART-Europe is a partnership of research libraries and library consortia who are working together to improve global access to European research theses Searching for Dissertations and Theses Dissertations and Theses Global ProQuest Indexes virtually all doctoral dissertations and many masters theses produced in the U.

A comparison of the anatomy and natural history of Colubotelson thomsoni, a south temperate, fresh-water isopod and Asellus communis Say, a north temperate, fresh-water isopod.

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Methane oxidation in terrestrial ecosystems: Community metabolism and autotrophic-heterotrophic relationships of woodland stream riffle sections. You might also search WorldCat to see if the dissertation you need is held by a nearby library.

Habitat structure and species interactions in plankton communities of stratified lakes. In addition to the hard copies we also received PDF copies of the digital scans and cataloging records for each thesis.

Evaluation of the anaerobic microorganisms and their metabolism in an anoxic lake basin. The selective feeding of immature bluegills Lepomis macrochirus and brook silversides Labidesthes sicculus on the zooplankton of Gull Lake, Michigan.

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Funerary; Mosaics; Society; Towns. A comparison of the insect communities of coniferous and deciduous woodlots. Seasonal dynamics, alkaline phosphatase activity and phosphate uptake of adnate and loosely attached epiphytes in an oligotrophic lake.

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University of michigan dissertations

You will have to locate a microfilm reader in the library to use the material. Authors can have their thesis or dissertation available only to students, faculty, and staff on the Flint, Dearborn, and Ann Arbor campuses, or they can allow it to be discoverable beyond the university system, through search engines such as Google Scholar.

Q. How do I find dissertations and theses?

Ecosystem consequences and spatial distribution of soil microbial community structure. Genetic and environmental variation in shoot growth and other traits of blue spruce, Picea pugens.

Adenosine triphosphate concentration in relation to microbial biomass in aquatic systems. On-time Delivery Our time management skills are superb. Seed dispersal, seed germination and seedling establishment of Hieracium aurantiacum in an old-field community.

Red pine borer biology as inferred from trap log data. The ecology, age and growth rate of the central johnny darter, Etheostoma nigrum nigrum RafinesqueAugusta Creek, Michigan.Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA.

Sykes, M. F. A study of conservation attitudes in a selected group of fifth and sixth grade pupils. Master's theses and doctoral dissertations written by Eastern Michigan University graduate students. University of Chicago Dissertations and Theses The University of Chicago relies on the ProQuest dissertation database for dissertations completed after June The Library holds a paper copy of most University of Chicago doctoral dissertations deposited before Summeras well as many early masters' theses, and those.

Describes most dissertations filed at University of Michigan, with full text for most* since A subset of the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database. *Two factors cause a certain percentage of dissertations not to be included: 1) Sincethe University of Michigan requires the full text.

Dissertations and Theses @ Western Michigan University.

How do I find dissertations and theses?

Of dissertations and theses in Education accepted at the University of Michigan. This dissertation page includes Web Resources aimed at helping doctoral students through the.

Theses and Dissertations. Writing and defending a dissertation or thesis is the culmination of a research-based graduate degree. The steps below will assist students in completing this stage of their education.

Thesis, or Report at Michigan Technological University to learn about the formatting requirements for these documents.

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University of michigan theses and dissertations
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