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The complaint went on for about 3 weeks with the VP of the company and me going back and forth - the VP trying hard to convince me this was all the result of one of his employees simply trying to give us better service by unilaterally ignoring the contract and ordering materials from some other metal roof manufacturer again, to this time 16 months later, still unidentified.

They must also have a significant volume of sales and adhere to pro-consumer standards, including a day money-back return policy and same-day or one-business-day shipping.

I opened the complaint in May We had to sign an arbitration agreement which was prepared by the BBB based on information both we and the company provided.

Your now standing there scratching your head cause your looking at the work order you printed and the one they kicked back to you, and what do you see? See our privacy policy. Good reviews can boost sales and profits; negative ones can do just the opposite.

Better Business Bureau Reviews and Complaints

Long story short, we signed a contract with them to install a metal roofing system, materials to be specifically provided by a Florida metal roofing manufacturer, Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing. They investigated the case for several months and in the end advised us via letter there was insufficient evidence to support a negative finding or action against Sun Coast.

Communication is key they say. But the kicker is when your out on the job and you complete it on time and turn it in. I did so thinking the BBB was truly concerned with helping consumers by providing unbiased information about companies upon which consumers could then make informed hiring decisions, and by providing an impartial third-party forum to resolve disputes.

You are expected to work everyday, mainly because you get work so late that sometimes it ends up do on the weekend. A representative from Yelp told us last year that its computer algorithm for filtering out false reviews had never been objectively tested.

If your late expect the minimum of a 50percent deduction in your pay and another 10 dollars a day till its complete. Forgot to use there app to load photos? If you are dumb then apply. Send this info to a friend To: You will soon get an education that you never knew existed. And so much for a level playing field.Jun 26,  · The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a group of private BBB organizations in the US and Canada that aim to facilitate a fair marketplace for both businesses and consumers.

The organization gathers 67%(). 3 reviews of Better Business Bureau "GULF COAST FAN -DAMON,TEXAS () The chain on my fan broke and I needed a new part for the chain.

Bought part at Home Depot and when installed it didn't work/5(3). I can seriously write and make up a review on a business and they would post it on that business for the world to see without any proof or to /5(44). (based on 7 Better Business Bureau Review Ratings) Company Culture. Growth Opportunities.

What do you like about working at Better Business Bureau? "That at times it can be sheer tough work because business executives are busy people with a lot on their minds and grabbing them and getting their focus to discuss a problem he /5(7).

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Better Business Bureau in Wichita, KS -- Get driving directions to S Washington St, Ste Wichita, KS Add reviews and photos for Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau appears in: Professional & Trade Associations, Better Business Bureaus, Consumer Organizations & Cooperatives, Consumer Protection ServicesLocation: S Washington St, SteWichita,KS.

Watch video · A user’s guide to user reviews How to avoid the hype and get the most from Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and other online review sites.

Write a review on better business bureau
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