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A host of state assets worth billions of dollars were privatized, including banks, oil refineries, the El Al national airline, and Zim Integrated Shipping Services. He trained as a combat soldier and served for five years in an elite special forces unit of the IDF, Sayeret Matkal.

While based in Bandung, Sukarno travelled extensively throughout Java to establish contacts with other nationalists. Eventually, Sukarno and other key PNI leaders were arrested on 29 December by Dutch colonial authorities in a series of raids throughout Java.

Sukarno later divorced Inggit and married Fatmawati. This fact has been used by his political rivals to accuse him indirectly of a lack of Writing a biography rubric national identity and loyalty. The prompts and their responses appear below. Name[ edit ] The spelling Soekarno, based on Dutch orthographyis still frequently used, mainly because he signed his name in the old spelling.

To provide a common and acceptable platform to unite the various squabbling factions in the BPUPK, Sukarno formulated his ideological thinking developed for the past twenty years into five principles.

Schneersonwith whom writing a biography rubric formed a relationship during the s. Field Marshal Terauchi gave Sukarno the freedom to proceed with preparation for Indonesian independence, free of Japanese interference.

During his trial at the Bandung Landraad courthouse from August to DecemberSukarno made a series of long political speeches attacking colonialism and imperialism, titled Indonesia Menggoegat Indonesia Accuses.

Following Javanese custom, he was renamed after surviving a childhood illness. Nationalism, whereby a united Indonesian state would stretch from Sabang to Meraukeencompassing all former Dutch East Indies Internationalism, meaning Indonesia is to appreciate human rights and contribute to world peace, and should not fall into chauvinistic fascism such as displayed by Nazis with their belief in the racial superiority of Aryans Democracy, which Sukarno believed has always been in the blood of Indonesians through the practice of consensus-seeking musyawarah untuk mufakatan Indonesian-style democracy different from Western-style liberalism Social justice, a form of populist socialism in economics with Marxist-style opposition to free capitalism.

Later on he was elected as a Knesset member of the 12th Knesset, and was appointed as a deputy of the foreign minister Moshe Arensand later on David Levy. My service in the unit strengthened my understanding of the risks involved behind approving operations and the risks that fighters are taking on.

President Bill Clinton had privately agreed to release Pollard. During the Gulf War in earlythe English-fluent Netanyahu emerged as the principal spokesman for Israel in media interviews on CNN and other news outlets.

He was accused of appointing an attorney general who would reduce the charges and prosecutors ruled that there was insufficient evidence to go to trial. However, the final Sila as contained in the Constitution which was put into effect on 18 Augustexcluded the reference to Islamic law for sake of national unity.

His activities attracted further attention by the Dutch PID. One of his main points was disagreement with the Oslo premise that the negotiations should proceed in stages, meaning that concessions should be made to Palestinians before any resolution was reached on major issues, such as the status of Jerusalemand the amending of the Palestinian National Charter.

This is a unit that changes the reality of our lives even though its actions are a secret. Concurrently, he was studying towards a doctorate [19] in political science, [22] [23] until his studies were broken off by the death of his brother in Operation Entebbe.

In later years, Sukarno was lastingly ashamed of his role with the romusha. Using simulated book tabs, students declare their knowledge of concepts such as plot, setting, characters, genre, and vocabulary as it relates to their selected books.

Educational Virtual Museums Developed Using PowerPoint

They teach design and aesthetic concepts taught in art classes, and, if including music, aural concepts and connections between art and music.

The Japanese recruited millions of people, particularly from Javato be forced labor called " romusha " in Japanese. He feared bloodbath due to hostile response from the Japanese to such a move, and was concerned with prospects of future Allied retribution. He was wounded in combat on multiple occasions.

For Sukarno, modernity was blind to race, neat and elegant in style, and anti-imperialist.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Romney remembers that Netanyahu at the time was: Using a bookshelf concept, students place pictures of their recently read books on their home slide and provide synopses or personal recommendations about the books on the linked slides.

On 7 Septemberwith the war going badly for the Japanese, Prime Minister Kuniaki Koiso promised independence for Indonesia, although no date was set. This time, to prevent providing Sukarno with a platform to make political speeches, the hardline governor-general Jonkheer Bonifacius Cornelis de Jonge utilised his emergency powers to send Sukarno to internal exile without trial.

On the afternoon of that day, Sukarno received this information from writing a biography rubric of youth groups and members of PETA Chairul SalehSoekarniand Wikanawho had been listening to Western radio broadcasts.

After graduating from a native primary school inhe was sent to the Europeesche Lagere School a Dutch primary school in Mojokerto. However, although Netanyahu won the election for Prime Minister, Labor won the Knesset electionsbeating the Likud— Gesher — Tzomet alliance, meaning Netanyahu had to rely on a coalition with the ultra-Orthodox parties, Shas and UTJ whose social welfare policies flew in the face of his capitalistic outlook in order to govern.

Among its members was future politician Frans Seda. Hamas claimed responsibility for most of the bombings. Later, while a student in Bandunghe immersed himself in European, American, Nationalist, communist, and religious political philosophy, eventually developing his own political ideology of Indonesian-style socialist self-sufficiency.

The party advocated independence for Indonesia, and opposed imperialism and capitalism because it opined that both systems worsened the life of Indonesian people.This blog, developed and maintained by Dr. Christy Keeler, introduces the concept of educational virtual museums, provides examples of student-made virtual museums, and instructions (including videos) teaching how to create virtual museums (either from scratch or using templates).

Title: Autobiography Rubric Author: scholasticny\nathagwi Subject: After completing a visual Life Map, students should use this rubric as a guide for writing their autobiographies as part of the Writing an Autobiography Unit Plan.

Here is a quick and easy way to have your students practice reading a biography of a famous person, then write about their accomplishments and type of character.

Lastly, students are expected to "role-play" becoming that person and give a short speech (also part of Common Core).4/5(54). Biography Essay Rubric Tells who the biography is about (yes) 2 (no) 0 Tells what the person is known for (yes) 2 (no) 0 Uses a variety of words to keep the writing interesting; 4 3 2 1 choice and placement of words is accurate and natural Conventions Contains few, if any, errors in spelling, 4 3 2 1.

Writing Rubric - Student and Teacher Friendly- I like this mixed with our common core standard checklist. Find this Pin and more on School by Sharla Butler. A writing rubric that can be used for any writing style, and it allows students to look back and check to see that the 6 writing traits are addressed.

Patty Tuttle, August 1 - Beginning 2 - Developing 3 - Capable 4 - Exemplary Content: How well do you know your historical figure? What have you learned about this person?

Writing a biography rubric
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